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  • computers
    • data - conversions units of data (b, kb, Mb, Gb, Tb, B, kB, MB, GB, TB)
    • connection speed - conversions units of connection speed, Online bandwidth calculator (bps, kbps, Mbps, Gbps, Tbps, B/s, kB/s, MB/s, GB/s, TB/s)
  • physics
    • time - conversion units of time (ms, s, min, h, day, week, month, year, century, millenium)
    • distance - conversion units of distance (nm, μm, mm, cm, dm, m, km, in, ft, yd, lea, mi, n.m.)
    • weight - conversion units of weight (mg, g, dkg, kg, q, t, lb, oz, tr, oz, st, Kt)
    • density - conversion units of density (g/cm³, g/m³, mg/m³, kg/m³, oz/gal, lb/gal, lb/cu, in, lb/cu, ft, lb/cu, yd)
    • volume - conversion units of volume (mm³, ml, cm³, l, dm³, hl, m³, fl, oz, ounce, gallon, barell, cu in, cu ft, cu yd)
    • area - conversion units of area (mm², cm², dm², m², km², a, ha, acre, sq in, sq ft, sq yd, mile²)
    • mechanical work - conversion units of mechanical work (energy) (J, kJ, MJ, GJ, BTU, cal, kcal, eV, Wh, kWh, MWh)
    • speed - conversion units of velocity (m/s, km/h, m/min, fps, fph, MPH, kn, Ma, c, Bz)
    • force - conversion units of force (mN, N, kN, kp, dyn, lbf, pdl)
    • temperature - conversion units of temperature (°C, °F, K, °R, triple point of water)
    • pressure - conversion units of pressure (Pa, hPa, atm, bar, mbar, kg/m², N/m², mm H2O, mm Hg, Torr)
    • power - conversion units of power (mW, W, kW, GW, k, hp, erg/s)
  • mathematics
    • numeral systems - numeral systems conversions online (decimal, binary, octal, hexadecimal,...)
    • roman numerals - roman numerals conversions online
  • finance
    • energy price - conversion units of energy price ($/J, $/kJ, $/MJ, $/GJ, $/BTU, $/cal, $/kcal, $/eV, $/Wh, $/kWh, $/MWh)
    • world currency - currency conversions online
  • useful
    • BMI, ideal weight - calculator ideal weight children, youth and adults.
    • calorie calculator - calculation of weight reduction plan and the optimal amount of energy received
    • coordinates - tool to convert decimal latitude and longitude into degrees, minutes and seconds ... and vice versa.
    • distance tv - simple tool for calculating the optimal distance and diagonal tv.